Sunday, July 25, 2010


So it has been over 20 days since I last posted, and I must say things have certainly changed in those 20+ days. I am currently in between houses, as my former roommates (sister and friend) found a new roommate who wanted to move in this past weekend. Which meant that I had to get my act together and actually pack. Unfortunately I can't move into my new abode until the 3rd, which has left me with around 2 weeks of in between time. I officially moved out of former home on Tuesday, and have since then been staying at my best friend's house while I dog sit for her. They get back tomorrow so it is off to the streets for me. Actually it is just to the couch for me. I get to spend the next week at my mom's with the rest of my junk.
Speaking of said junk, I cannot believe how many books and knic-knacks I have accumulated in the past year. When I moved in last September with my then boyfriend, it only took a few trips to get everything situated. How in the world did I obtain all of this stuff? Certainly working in a book store was how I got all of the books, but honestly where did these little things come from. It does however make me just a wee bit proud of myself for managing to stuff it all into the tiny little room I was in. Now its all in boxes :/. I can't believe that in a just about a week I will be in my new home, I am ridiculously excited about everything and I really cannot wait!

But now I must head off because I have an incredibly long list of things I need to do before the big move, and although it's late at night, many of them can still be done. So I am off to hopefully cross things off said list.

Good night all!

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