Monday, June 21, 2010

and I invent the world again...

My first ever blog, what an occasion! Certainly someone should put on some good music and make a few margaritas. However for tonight I am settling for just good music and a glass of water. I am not terribly sure how much I will be able to keep up with this in the coming months. Come August I will not only be starting school up again, but I will also be a transfer student in a new town where I don't know many people. Which is frightening and incredibly exciting at the same time. I do hope my blog-writing will not suffer, but I make no promises. Up until then I can promise to provide you with what, in my opinion, is fantastic music and art.

Today marks the beginning of Summer and I must say I thouroughly enjoyed the entire 12 hours of sunlight. I also spent the day getting all kinds of crafty and attempting to take pretty pictures of my work.

Any thoughts on either?

I am attempting to make jewlery in hopes of earning a little more cash, but unfortunately my mother and I seem to like what has been made far too much and end up keeping things. Oh well at least I am having fun making them.

I do believe that this first entry is a little dissapointing, so I suggest you go and download "At Night" by Jonathan Richman and then think a little better of me due to my music selection.

Hoping for another gorgeous day tomorrow!

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