Tuesday, June 29, 2010

this is Braves country

I'm incredibly sorry to have disappointed anyone by not posting anything this past week, although I don't believe there was anyone to disappoint, but I have been one busy lady.
Between work, working out, orientation at GA Southern, and sleeping I haven't had much time to do things like blog :/
However now I am awake at the late hour of 3am and feel like writing about my day!
It was a mixture of both being lazy and quite productive, which always makes for the best of days, I believe. Woke up, went to work out with the best friend - Jordan. Did a little bit of shopping at my favorite store, Target, and then went to Turner Field to see the Braves play the Nationals. I like to believe I brought the Braves a little bit of luck by coming to the game, but I'm fairly sure they didn't need it. When the 7th inning stretch was over my right arm was starting to get sore from all of the impressive tomahawk chopping I was doing. $9 tickets for seats that were never sat in, to my knowledge, but helped us sneak in to a lower level fairly close to the field behind 1st base made it even better. It also may have something to do with the company. Nothing is better than watching a 19 year old boy use binoculars throughout the game. The Braves ended up winning 5-0 and Strasburg wasn't as mighty as some might have thought. The Nationals made more calls to the bullpen than I made all night. I must say I do believe it was the most crowded, they said over 10,000 fans were there, and one of the best games I have ever been to.

And that's the fun for Monday. My weekend was spent driving to and from Statesboro, checking out the campus, and working. Although it certainly wasn't the most fun weekend of the summer it certainly was a good time spent with my mama :D.
Tomorrow I have big plans for myself that involve working out some more, selling clothes, cleaning out my car, getting my sister a birthday present, and the list goes on and on. Hopefully I will wake up at a decent hour, but looking at the time now I can't be so sure. Either way I am determined to get certain things done tomorrow and who knows, maybe I'll relax for a little bit too!
I do believe I have worn myself out and will now go to sleep and hope that tomorrow is as good as today was!

Just a side note: Steak n' Shake at night is slow as molasses and not worth the wait.

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