Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the fine print they tell you what's wrong and what's right

Here I am again at the late hour of 11:30, ok so not THAT late, filling out scholarship applications. I'm pretty sure you are all jealous now, I mean really who doesn't want to be writing an essay on financial stability?


Anyways my day has been a bit of a bore, so unfortunately there isn't much to write about on that particular subject.

So I will now entertain you on my thoughts on a particular matter: the oil spill.
My reasoning for bringing this up: stumbled upon (if you do not know what stumble is look it up!) a website that tells me how many birds, sea turtles, and mammals have died in the past 71 days.
Not what I would consider one of my best stumbles as it is incredibly depressing to know the numbers. If you would like to take a look here is the website. It also accounts for how many have been cleaned and released as well, but the focus is certainly on the death toll. My main issue deals with the boycotting of BP stations. While I cringe at the number of animal deaths, this oil spill is having a pretty intense effect on our economy as well. I know many of the BP stations in Georgia are not owned by the cooperation, and therefore people deciding to get their gas elsewhere are not hurting the BP execs but the small business owners that run franchises of gas stations. The ebst thiing to do right now would be to put our money INTO BP gas stations, in order to help fix the problem! There isn't much else we can do at the moment except to hope for the best. BP knows they made a mistake, but according to statistics every other oil company was using the same type of materials and equipment, BP was just unlucky enough to have this happen first. I know nothing of how they are trying to secure the leak, so I won't even pretend to have an opinion on that, but I do believe that people instead of continuously placing the blame and being upset should rather start trying to help the cause and find a plan that will actually stop the leak.

Those are my thoughts on the matter, feel free to disagree.

In other news I would like to share something that my mom showed me yesterday that I think is amazing. My mom loves her Oprah, and when she recently saw one of the shows on a contest Oprah was holding she fell in love with Zach Anner. I highly encourage everyone to take a look at this guy, not only is he hilarious but he is also making what I would consider to be a pretty big leap for people with Cerebral Palsy. I personally think it is just amazing what hes doing and how determined he is. CP can be a very debilitating disorder in many cases. Very recently I took a class at Georgia State on exceptional children and one of the disorders we discussed was CP. I did a good bit of research on what techniques help these students to express themselves through art. A very interesting technique was when a teacher in New York attached lasers to the tops of the students heads. From there he would get another student to ask questions like "Would you like red paint?", "Is this the right shade?", and so on until the student with CP had created a painting with the help of another. It just astounds me that a teacher would care so much for his students to put so much time and effort into this project. Not only that but the other students as well have to be extremely patient, its just very inspiring. I also watched "My Left Foot", which I must say I thought was a wonderful movie. Again I think it really shows dedication to those with disabilities. I am currently majoring in Early Childhood Education, but am pretty seriously thinking about, after graduation, going to grad school for special education research. I think Zach Anner is a perfect example of how far someone with disabilities can go if they have the right resources available to them. Unfortunately I don't think that is common in many schools. I hope to one day be able to change that, even if just the smallest bit.

So there you have it, instead of writing an essay on financial stability I would much rather write about things dear to my heart. Hopefully no one minded the slight rant I had going. If so feel free to let me know and I can tone it down next time. :D
I have work in approximately 9 hours and so I must be off.

music suggestion: "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise" - Avett Brothers

Sleep tight and don't let those pesky bed bugs bite!

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